New Blog Series: The Impact of COVID-19 on The Arts

I’m working on a series of posts where I’ll talk about how the wave of closures and cancellations is affecting arts organizations and artists, technicians, administrators, and staff.  Eventually I’ll come up with a catchier title for the series and spend days writing and rewriting every paragraph but there’s no use in agonizing over such things when we’re in a moment when the arts world as we know it has imploded in just a few days due to the global pandemic that is the coronavirus.

Blog topics will  include: “Why you should donate your tickets rather than asking for a refund,” “Livestreaming: Making art, and money, during a shutdown,” “The Freelance Life,” and “What does the shutdown mean for arts organizations in Madison?”

Consider this article a primer (and catalyst) for upcoming conversations.  I don’t agree with everything in this particular essay but there’s a lot of food for thought to kick off the conversation.

Read “Arts Organizations are Heading Into a Crisis. A Few Things Might Mitigate the Disaster” by Justin Davidson, for The Vulture, March 12, 2020